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Adventure Playground: A Mesh

Adventure Playground · 2017.07.01

Anna Vellanoweth: “Love love love this!!!! Too bad tommy couldn’t tear himself away from the sand box”.

And there he is. ⛹️💨

Optipus “The Owl Flies at Twilight”

Dreamlands: Expanded – Optipus “The Owl Flies at Twilight” · 2017.01.15

This was a brilliant show put together by Elle Burchill and Andrea Monti of Microscope Gallery, which took place last January 2017.

Super impressive performance, and damn, what a great group of people to connect with. Slept on getting these pieces to Andrew, who’s work is in this video. Piecing it together and looking to share and hopefully, if at all possible, to collaborate with them in the near future.

For the 10th and final event of “Dreamlands: Expanded“, a series of expanded cinema events organized by Microscope in collaboration with the Whitney Museum of American Art as part of the exhibition “Dreamlands: Immersive Cinema and Art, 1905-2016“, the gallery is thrilled to present a new multi-projection and sound performance The Owl Flies at Twilight composed by the Optipus collective & orchestra in its largest configuration to date featuring 28 artists.

Archtober Cubed

An early experiment with Unity.

This is actually a recording of the iOS + Google Cardboard experience I built. And I’m psyched about the way it came together. In cardboard even the 2D background feels 3D. I wish there were an easy way of getting it to you … soon.

To piece it together I took a 360° image I’d shot, wrapped it around the inside of a sphere (kinda) and placed the cubes within it.

Again, this is just me noodling. Concepts/meaning/depth come later.